Hey Mr Bob,   I just wanted to tell you that my storybook album looks great!  I have had a million compliments on it.  I have even had one mother want her daughter to get married again so she can have a wedding album like mine.  Thanks again for everything..
Mr. Bob,
We are SO THRILLED with the pictures!  Please feel free to use me as a reference any time (especially if you have someone who really wants to do pictures after--I'm really glad we did, although I think if anyone less professional had done them that there would have been potential for a big mess)!
We are planning our album--we love all of the pictures, so it's going to be tough!  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
Jessica Sparks Lilley
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Hey Mr Bob,   I just wanted to tell you that my storybook album looks great!  I have had a million compliments on it.  I have even had one mother want her daughter to get married again so she can have a wedding album like mine.  Thanks again for everything..  Casey
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"Simply The Best"
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Attention Bride to Be:.

"How to have the Most Magical, 
Romantic, and Emotional 
Wedding Day of Your Dreams!"

Amazing Secrets Revealed Below!

Congratulations on your engagement!

Thank you for checking out our web site.  How exciting and romantic?  Now, let's guarantee you have a fantastic and romantic wedding day - full of love, emotion and beauty!  (Believe it or not, that does take some planning!)

This webpage is not for every Bride to Be...is it for you?

If you are looking to have an average wedding - one that is stressful and not very organized, one where the guests hardly get to see you, one where you are so exhausted that you can hardly smile.  One where it seems like you're constantly putting out "fires" and solving emergencies.  One where "so many things went wrong" . . .

Then this webpage is not for you.  Please read no further

But . . .
...if you're a bride who wants her wedding to be PERFECT, and the most romantic, beautiful, and emotional day of your life; if you want to enjoy every minute of your day; if you want to be the most ravishingly beautiful bride your friends and relatives have ever seen; if you want to spend wonderful, quality time with your guests; if you want to remember with happy tears in your eyes all the love, emotion and joys of the day . . .

Then this is going to be the most exciting website you have ever gone to - Really!

Here's How to Have The Most Magical, Romantic, And Emotional Wedding Day Of Your Dreams!

My name is Bob and together with my wide Pat, are the owners of Sherwood Photography.  We LOVE weddings.  We've been photographing weddings for 30 years.  We just love the emotion and romance of your wedding.

If you're still reading, let me congratulate you.  This means you want to be the most beautiful bride anywhere.  You want your wedding to be a wonderfully emotional and romantic day.  You want to have everything go smoothly and perfectly. You want to have a great time.  Well, here's how to do it:

Here's the 7  Secrets To Having The Wedding Of Your Dreams!

SECRET #1:  How To Guarantee Your Wedding Lives Up to Your Dreams.

Believe it or not, the photographer you select to photograph your wedding can make or break your wedding day.  Yes, I kid you not, your wedding day - not just your photographs!  Why?  Because he's THERE - with you and your family, in person - interacting with all your family and guests - and representing you every minute.

Now, HONESTLY, we're not just talking about your photography here - we're talking about YOUR WEDDING - how YOU FEEL on your wedding day, and how smoothly and romantically everything goes.  You see, your photographer determines this, by the way he helps you  plan your wedding, the way he treats you and your loved ones, and the way he conducts himself through out the day.

Amazing Secret Revealed - What Other Wedding Photographers Don't Want You To Know!

So here's the secret:  Meet the photographer - IN PERSON - before you hire anyone to photograph your wedding! Most brides don't realize that many studios hire part time photographers to photograph their weddings for them - high school and college kids, friends, relatives, etc.  This means that you go to a studio, talk with a salesperson, look at their samples, and make a decision without really knowing who will be photographing your wedding!

And if it's not just the right person doing the photography, and interacting with all your family and guests, everything can be ruined!

So, when you're talking with a potential studio, ask them the following questions:

1. Who did these photographs you are showing me?

2. Who, by name, will be photographing my wedding if we hire your studio?

3. We want to MEET this person, BEFORE we hire your studio.

Then, when you meet this person, ask him or her the following questions:

1. How will you dress at my wedding?

2. Did you do ALL the samples of wedding photography we saw in the sample books?  If not, show us YOUR work,     please.

3. How long have you been photographing weddings?

4. How long will you be at my wedding?

5.  Before you leave our wedding, who do you check with first to see if there's anything else we would like you to photograph?

6. Do you work from a checklist of photos?  (You NEVER want a photographer who needs a checklist doing your wedding photography!  He'll spend all his time looking at the list, and miss all the wonderful, romantic and spontaneous moments of your wedding?)

Then, decide if you REALLY LIKE HIM OR HER, as well as their work  Because they're going to be spending a lot of time with you and your family and friends on this important day.

By the way, just so you know, here's my answers to those questions:

My wife and I are the only photographers at our studio.  One of us will be photographing your wedding personally.  We will dress in very nice attire.  No slacks and sport shirts.  We want to represent you professionally.

We have been photographing weddings for 30 years...yes 30 years.

We'll be at your wedding until you, your husband (how exciting - your husband!"), your parents and your husbands parents all say they have nothing else for us to do.

I use no checklist unless there are special written requests you have provided

SECRET #2:  Announcing The Single Most Important "Secret" You MUST Know About Weddings!

The single most important thing you simply must know is:  Allow more than enough time.  Allow yourself at least 1 hour beyond what you think you will need.  If you have relatives or friends that are always late, simply tell them to be there an hour before you really need them.  We're happy to come a bit earlier for you at no additional charge.

SECRET #3:  An Important Warning:  Miss This Secret, And A Disaster Could Happen At Your Wedding!

This seems so obvious, and yet brides miss this one all the time, and pay a BIG PRICE for it after their wedding!  Be sure the photographer has lots of happy brides and grooms, who have written him and told him how happy they were with both him and his work!  We're talking about testimonials here.  Be sure and see our testimonial page on this web site!

SECRET #4:  A Magic Way To Have A Great Wedding:

One of the things you really want to look for in your photographer is someone who is an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER!  An artistic photographer whose images combine to tell the EMOTIONAL STORY of your family, friends and your wedding day.  This is really important if you are looking for photographs which will be PRICELESS to you for years and years to come.

And here's why this is so important!  If an artist is an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER, there's a really good chance that he will be compassionate about not ruining the romance, beauty, and emotions of your day.  You see, only a true romantic can truly understand how important this day is to you and how perfectly you want it to go.


I could tell you so many horror stories here.  But let me just mention one so you understand how important this is:

Several years ago, I heard about a photographer who was hiding behind some flowers up at the altar (something that we would NEVER do) and he dropped a lens on the marble floor with a huge crash, and then swore our loud, so loud that everyone heard it!  (He obviously was not a romantic EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER or he wouldn't have ruined the romance and religious significance of the ceremony by hiding behind flowers where everyone could see him come and go - and of course there is NO excuse for profanity!

So, looking for a romantic, EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER, who will beautifully tell the story of your love for each other, and for your family and friends, will also result in someone who will respect you and your wished, and conduct himself in only the most professional and friendly way, because he understands in the moist intimate way, the importance of the "Story of Your Wedding Day."

And by the way, my brides tell me that they really love the way I emotionally tell the story of their wedding day.

SECRET #5:  The Truth About Wedding Photographers Revealed.  What They Don't Want Me To Tell You!

It is not our intention to say anything bad about any other photographer in the area.   I know many of them personally and count many of them as my friends.  However, it is really important that I alert you in this website to some of the problems that you otherwise would never know about.

Well, here's a "biggie."

Most photographers will cram as many weddings into day as they humanly can.  Many times, this means they must rush from your wedding, to get to another, and then rush from that one...well, you get the picture...even though your photographer miss some of your pictures!

This type of photographer just isn't going to be able to capture the EMOTIONS, ROMANCE, LOVE, AND RELATIONSHIPS  between you and your husband (doesn't that sound exciting - your husband) and also between you and your family and friends.  He just won't have the sensitivity and enthusiasm and love for what he does to be able to capture those feelings.  And he won't have the time or energy.

You Won't Believe This, But I Assure You It's True

I won't mention any names here but I once knew a photographer who attempted to photograph 5 wedding in one day.  The only way he could even remember the names was to write them on a small strip of masking tape fixed to the back of his camera.  How would you like to have been wedding #5 or ever #4 or #3.

By The Way, We Only Photograph ONE Wedding Per Day.

This assures I'm rested and energetic.  It also means we're enthusiastic about what we will be doing for you.  As I mentioned earlier, we photograph wedding because we LOVE and ENJOY them.  And since we only photograph one wedding per day, we're not tired or burned out on your important day.

SECRET #6:  The Magic of "E.F.P."

You see, we don't really look at it as "wedding photography" but rather as "Emotional Family Photography" created on your wedding day.  It's all the emotions, relationships and personalities of all your friends and relatives, captured in beautiful images for you and your family to cherish for the rest of your lives.  After all, isn't that what you really want?

"E.F.P." is one of the major things that separates us from all the other wedding photographers in the area.  We want to capture the love, relationships, personalities, and emotions of all your family and friends for you to enjoy and view with happy tears in your eyes for years and years to come!

Are The People and The Emotions Of Your Life What Matter The Most To You?

Because it's the PEOPLE and the EMOTIONS of your life that are so valuable to you.  Yes, you'll also see the beautiful dress and flowers.  Yes, you'll see the lovely ceremony, etc.  Now, more, much more than that, you'll feel the emotions that you and your husband feel toward each other and toward your best friends and family members on this magical day.  Yes, FEEL them each time you view your photographs.  That's what we are driven to do for you!

You see, you want photography that "speaks" to you with love, emotion, respect, and the glorious feelings you will be feeling on your wedding day.

You want your photography to "tell the story" of your wedding day, AND your family and friends.

Most photographers, bless their hearts, just want to "record the event and go home."

They just want to get home to the TV or get to the next wedding.

I want you to be excited when you see your photographs, because these photographs are all the people you and your husband love and care about.  

Don't miss the emotional moments of your day because your photographer didn't have the vision to see and capture them in a sensitive, romantic way.

Your day will be filled with beautiful "Emotional Moments" that you will never experience again in your life. Those "Moments" are what we are driven to capture for you.

Here's some examples:

A Sherwood Original

An Amazing And Wonderfully Emotional Way to Express Your Love For Your Dad On Your Wedding Day!

I can assure you that one of the most emotional moments in a dad;s life is when he "gives his little girl away" at the beginning of the ceremony.  Your dad will never forget it.

But now, there' something full of emotional magic that you can give your dad when he gives you away.  At that powerful moment in his and your life, you hand him a surprise..."The Dad's Delight Memory Album" that he carries back to the pew, and as he reads your personal message to him and looks at the emotional images of you, he begins to cry with tears of joy and love.

He will be so moved and touched!  You and he will never forget it.

Don't miss that moment!

Or the incredible moment when your fiance first sees you in your wedding gown - perfect in every way - with your lovely flowers, the beautiful veil and headpiece - everything which you selected especially for him - as the excitement builds and he tells you how very much he loves and adores you.

Don't miss that moment!

Or, if you grandmother is there, the lovely moment when the reaches up and puts her arms around you and tells you how much she loves you and how proud she is of you.

Don't miss that moment!

How do we do that?

I'll bet you think I'm going to say that you do this through the photography.  Right?  Wrong!  The way we help these moments happen, and help you remember them, is to help you have a wonderful, romantic and emotional day!   A day when everything goes perfectly.  As long as we do that, the rest will take care of itself!

That's what we will do for you and that is PRICELESS!

Oh, if you ever talk with a photographer who says this to you, run away as fast as you can!

If he or she says.  "Your photographs are all you will have after the wedding is over.  Your flowers will be dead, your cake will be eaten, etc. - but you'll have your photographs.  They are the most important thing about your wedding." - then he or she is NOT the photographer for you!

Why not?  Because if he or she says that, they have a completely false impression of their importance, and will try to run your day and take charge!  Don't let that happen.  Because the photographs ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - the romance, emotions and relationships are the most important thing.

SECRET #7:  How To Be Assured That You will Be The Most Beautiful Bride Your Friends or Relatives have Ever Seen!

You deserve to have a wedding day where you are the most beautiful bride any of your friends or relatives have ever seen.  That's the dream of every girl when she begins visualizing her wedding day.  And, you deserve to have that!  

Let's see to it that is exactly what happens!  How?   Simple.  Yes, you will select the prefect dress, headpiece, veil, flowers, shoes, etc.  

Yes, you will have your hair and makeup done.  But it goes much deeper than that.  

You see,  beauty is also in the way you FEEL on your wedding day.  The way your emotions show on your face, and the way you glow when you walk down the aisle and look in the eyes of the love of your life.

Many of our brides will understand this when I say it:  When you hire us to photograph your wedding, you are really paying for a special photographer to take all the pressures and tensions  out of the day for you.  You know that we are that, and that we truly care for you, and will help you with EVERYTHING so the day goes perfectly.  That's really what our brides are paying us for.  The photographs are just a added "bonus".

You see, if you, your husband (there's that great word again!), and your family and guests are all having a wonderful time, you will be more beautiful than you have ever dreamed you would be.  Because there will be no tension there,  And,  by the way, your photographs will be WONDERFUL, too, because you looked so wonderful and were having such a great time.

See how it all "fits" together to result in a wonderful day, and wonderful photographs?  You really can't separate them!

A True Tragic Story Of A Bride And Groom, And What It Means For You.

Let me take a moment to take you 2 true stories:

Several years ago I received a phone call from a women whose wedding was on our calendar for later in the year.  She had borrowed the Story Book Wedding Album that belonged to her cousin to view and get some ideas.  Well, during the course of the day, someone broke into her parked car and the album was stolen (these albums come in a very nice, expensive looking presentation box).  I got a panic call early in the morning.  The future bride just knows there's going to be a funeral and it's going to be her.  You should have heard the relief in her voice when I explained there was no need to worry.  Everything could be reproduced.  The happy ending is the second edition was actually nicer than the first one due to a major improvement in the actual album styling.

Case #2 happened about 3 years ago.  A groom from 17 years ago cane into the studio and explained that his wedding album had been destroyed in a house fire.  He was wondering if we still had any "negatives" from his wedding.  Within 15 minutes, we had his negatives pulled along with all the information necessary to reproduce his photographs.  This made a really nice anniversary gift for his bride of 17 years.

One bride reported smoke detectors going off in the middle of the night.  On the way out she grabbed her wedding album, leaving behind the family heirloom candelabra  that belonged to her grandmother.

You see how "Emotional Family Photography" can make your wedding volumes absolutely PRICELESS?

In my humble opinion, the tender fabric of your life is woven together with beautiful, emotional moments between you and your loved ones, and I want to capture and express all those wonderful moments for you in your wedding album - and accomplish this without interfering with the emotions and romance of your wedding day.

Here's What To Do Right Now!

Here's what I strongly recommend you do IMMEDIATELY!  Pick up the phone and give us a call right now.  Ask us if we still have your wedding date available.  Here's the problem - because we are so well known and respected in the community, and because we ONLY photograph one wedding a day, it is very possible that we will already be booked for your day.

SIMPLY CLICK HERE for the phone number to our studio.  Remember there's no cost and no obligation just to chat with us.

So DO NOT WAIT EVEN ONE DAY ON THIS!  If you agrees with and liked anything on this web page, call us NOW.  There is NO CHARGE AND NO OBLIGATION for this call!  Let's just chat a bit, see if your date is still available, and then, if and only if you would like to, we can set up a time to get together in person and talk about your wedding.  There is no charge of obligation for this either.

Don't wait to act on this. A fantastic, happy, and stress-free wedding is just around the corner, and we are ready to help you achieve it, as well as capture it forever through the romance of photography.



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